Over the past few years, the problem of illegal immigration has been on the rise. Many people are unaccounted for in the country that came in illegally. As the number of illegal immigrants in the country continues to rise, some repercussions are starting to be felt in the economy. For example, public resources and utilities can be overstretched as the number of illegal immigrants increases. Moreover, in some areas, immigrants can lead to increase in insecurity. These are among the reasons why the authorities must take action and curb the problem of illegal immigration.


Given the large size of the United States, it can be almost impossible to fully stop illegal immigration. As the border patrols become intense, illegal immigrants are adapting their ways of getting into the country. Smugglers are now digging tunnels from the Mexico border into the US for use by illegal immigrants. Some immigrants have also been caught trying to sneak into the country in trucks and boats. Still, the illegal immigration menace can be substantially reduced if the authorities step in and put some tough measures and laws. Below are three legislations that can help to reduce incidences of illegal immigration into the United States.


Tougher Citizenship Laws

Illegal immigration can be greatly curtailed through tougher legislation. For example, lawmakers can make a law that any illegal immigrant in the country should not be allowed citizenship. This is regardless of whether or not their current status is legal.  Migrants will be forced to use the proper channels to enter the United States when such a law is enacted. You may read about how William Gheen can help you.


Deny Work Permits

The issue of illegal immigration can be addressed to some extent if a law is passed that prohibits illegal immigrants from being employed in any job in the country. Most immigrants enter the United States and then look for work. According to reports, majority of immigrants come to the US to make a living for their families. If illegal immigrants are prevented from holding any job in the country, most immigrants would not risk entering the country illegally.


Immigrant Status Requirement

Documenting all immigrants in the country will all help to curb the menace of illegal immigration. If an audit was done on the customers that institutions do business with, it will be shocking to discover how many of them are illegal immigrants. However, if the government made is mandatory for illegal immigrants to have documentation indicating they are illegal when looking for basic service such as healthcare and banking, then more of them would want to go the legal route of entering the United States.



It is not easy to stop the problem if illegal immigration. A lot of people hold different views and those in charge have to take a step and get the majority of people to see the benefits of curbing the menace. There are more information on this from the William Gheen website.